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"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord"  Eph.5:19      


Julian and Bonnie make their home in Hendersonville, Tennessee,

 just north of Nashville.  They have 4 grown children and 7 Grand-children.

 A grand-daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4.

Part of Julian and Bonnie's ministry is to bring awareness of Autism to others

and to help support the work of www.autismspeaks.org


They are members of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and

 Musicians (USAGEM) in Nashville.   In 2015 & 2016 the Georges were nominated

 for Gospel Music Duo of The Year and are recipients of USAGEM'S Ruby Award. 


The George's style ranges from Southern Gospel, Traditional hymns and Country

Gospel.  Julian has also written many Gospel songs recorded in Nashville

and plays guitar, harmonica, lap-steel and dobro.  Bonnie plays keyboard,


Their songs are played throughout the country and the world via radio. 

Many of their original songs have reached the top 5 on

Top 100 Gospel Charts, including Number 2 song "Destination Heaven" 

They also were most played overseas artists for multiple weeks. 


Julian had spent four years as the host of a Gospel music show, broadcast

 in New York State and New England, on WRUN AM and WNGN FM. 

Bonnie was brought up singing in church and at home.   She and her

 sisters often sang in harmony together.   Bonnie was also active in a

Sweet Adeline Chorus and quartet in Upstate NY.  In addition she sang

 with "Valley Voices For Christ", a community choir.  Bonnie later went on

to sing solos in weddings, churches and Christian Coffee Houses                              


To see The George's videos, go to Youtube.com

& type :     Julian and Bonnie George 

 or go to the store page for more videos  


 To access songs and albums for digital

 download.   type "itunesdestination heaven

 julianandbonniegeorge" or "itunesfootofthecross 


and download to your device for .99cents a song or

 $9.99 for the complete cd.            


Our Testimony

Hello, I'm Bonnie

I offered a personal profession of faith that Jesus is Lord and Savior when

 I was 13 years old and was Baptised.  As I grew into young adulthood

 I got ďbusyĒ and  neglected going to church. It wasnít until I had a personal loss in my life

that I asked Jesus to show me what His way was and I began to study

the Bible and returned to church. I now have a personal relationship with

the Lord. Singing music for the Lord is one way I can express my love for

Him and others.


Hello, Iím Julian. I was raised in a Church, but never knew Jesus.  As a

 young adult I strayed from church attendance and followed the world.

Growing up in Utica NY I loved music and played the guitar.  

At 35 years of age I was introduced to Jesus and was wonderfully saved.

It wasnít long before I was writing songs and sharing them with others.

I never dreamed I would be doing what I loved for Godís glory.

God has blessed me and my wife Bonnie in our music ministry.


Informational packet and additional references available

 upon request.

Julian and Bonnie George

Hendersonville, TN

 email: julianandbonnie@juno.com

Ph# 615-390-4649

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